The Adventure of a Lifetime

Experience the Thai way of life. X-change your life for theirs; an X-treme life X-perience.

Believers in Christ have the exciting opportunity to participate in the ultimate travel experience with Lighthouse in Action. Promising more than merely an experience, it offers the rewarding privilege to combine travel and ministry.

Experience a part of the country and culture most visitors only read about.  Through X-Life, you will experience living, and working with the local Thai people in their real homes, real fields, real situations in real Thai villages, while making a real difference for all eternity.

The villages are often visited by sex-brokers who are looking to purchase the children living there. The parents are not aware of the evils that are awaiting their children, and if they are, they view it as a means of sustainable income for the family.

If this mindset can be changed, then the root of the issue of commercial sexual exploitation begins to get cut off. The only way that their minds can be renewed is through the Word of God that you carry in your lives, and stories.

As you learn about their lives, they will learn about yours. As you prayerfully share your lives with one another, sharing Christ will come naturally, and effectively! There is also a great opportunity for teams to do a special program for the villagers, as a goodbye event.

Why X-Life?

  • Combat the issue of human trafficking at the root
  • Share Christ in remote areas that few reach

Outside a hotel room, beyond a tour bus
  • Travel that impacts lives
  • Making memories and making a difference
  • Develop relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Utilizing prayer, team unity, and lifestyle evangelism
  • Come prepared to change a life, and have your life changed forever

Prayerfully consider this extraordinary experience.