The Transformation Program

Be Part of Her Transformation Story

So many times when people hear about the issue of human trafficking, they want to know what they can do to make a tangible difference. Lighthouse in Action is excited to bring you a very tangible way of putting an end to the commercial sex trade in northern Thailand, through The Transformation Program.

When Love Acts identifies a girl who is ready to leave the commercial sex trade, we offer her a paid position in translating, as cafe staff, or another alternative job. We also provide her with training in a skill she desires, along with classes of restoration and healing.

What Your Support Provides

The average Thai monthly salary is $300 USD per month. You are able to be a part of her transformation process by donating anywhere from $10 – $300 per month (you select your sponsorship level) towards her salary and training expenses. We welcome sponsorships from individuals, whole families, even churches.

Depending on the amount you choose to sponsor her for, you will receive several updates,through email and video, of the SPECIFIC girl whose life you are impacting.

If you would like to be a sponsor of The Transformation Program, we ask you do make a one-year commitment of monthly sponsoring.

Become a Sponsor Today

To become a sponsor, simply contact us to get started.