Our Team

Meet our Team

Our team is kinda fluid. Friends come and go, but here are the great people currently working with us full-time.

Our groovy founder


Emmi may be tiny in stature, but she is BIG in heart, passion, vision, and LOVE for God, and for the Thai people. You will find her spunky character embedded in the decoration of the shop: Fun, bold, warm, and bright.

Orange is her favorite color. Laughing is her favorite sport. Serving others is her way of life.

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Zion Cafe Staff

The moment you step foot into Zion Cafe, you are greeted and served by these amazing people.

Our baking queen

Our baking queen


Once you taste one of Neuk’s delectable desserts, you won’t want to leave Chiang Mai. She is truly gifted in baking, but the gift doesn’t stop there. Try one of her meals, and well… just try one.

You will often not visibly see Neuk, but she is the mastermind behind all the deliciousness that comes out of the Zion kitchen. If she isn’t working hard putting all her love into the dessert or food, she is making sure the whole Facebook world is keeping up to date with the latest cute picture of Kawpan (her adorable dog).

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Our disciple maker

Our disciple maker


Gifted with the talent of dance, and having a smile that lights up a room, life is more entertaining at Zion when Bing is around to joke around with.

Bing came from a YWAM background. She came with a heart not only to work in the shop, but also to minister. Her passion is to be able to disciple the students who stay in the dorm above the Zion Cafe.

In our dorms, Bing plays a motherly role. Like a good mother, she loves the students dearly, and is always there to correct, challenge, and encourage them. With her “you better not do that!” face, she pours wisdom into the students, all coming from her heart that overflows with love.


Meet our wonderful Lighthouse in Action interns. (Want to be on this page? Shoot us a message.)

“Teacher Lip”


Liz comes to us from Northern California/Reno, Nevada. She loves to learn languages and encourage others in their walk with the Lord. She first discovered her love for Thailand when she went on the World Race. Once seeing the reality of what was happening here, she knew she needed to come back and do something about it. She has served in Phuket, Thailand for 2 years and now has joined Lighthouse in Action in Chiang Mai.