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Love Acts

Loving through our Actions

Chiang Mai, known as Thailand’s rose of the north, and a prominent sex tourism destination, is home to at least 5,000 male, female and child prostitutes. During tourist ‘high season’ every November to March, the numbers can swell to nearly 25,000 prostitutes as visitors crowd Chiang Mai’s bars, nightclubs, massage parlors, or karaoke bars. If you talk statistics, it can seem hopeless.

Though the red-light district may be dark, there is no darkness that can overcome the Light, and so that is what we bring on a weekly basis. We venture out daily into the red-light district to bring the Light, and Love of Jesus Christ. We build relationships with the girls, ladyboys, and children who work there, both in the bar, and by making dates outside the bar environment. We love them, listen to them, and share our lives with them. We know that there is a Hope for them.

We teach English in bars, and massage parlors, three times a week. This is another way we build relationships.

There are several young children who work in the red-light district selling roses. We build a trusting relationship with them as well, and they view us as “safe places” while they are working throughout the night.

Many of these children live in nearby “slums”. Four times a week we visit the slums, to teach English, play games, love them, and show them Jesus through our actions and lives. We pray they will come to know the Creator who has plans to prosper them, to give them a hope and a future.

In Love Acts, we don’t just SAY ” I love you”, we DO “I love you”. We walk alongside the outcasts, let them see the transformation Christ has done in us, and let them know it can be done in them as well.